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Câmera Termográfica Portátil Altas Temperaturas

Câmera Termográfica Portátil Altas Temperaturas
Câmera Termográfica Portátil Altas Temperaturas
  • Marca: Fluke
  • Modelo: DIAS 480N
Visualizações: 1850

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   Documentos do Catálogo da Câmera Termográfica Portátil DIAS 480N

  • Catálogo da Câmera Termográfica Portátil DIAS 480N
    • Measurement temperatures from 600 °C to 3000 °C
    • High-dynamic image sensor for large continuous measurement ranges
    • Easy orientation: Image display below the beginning of the measurement range
    • Minimization of measurement errors caused by emissivity
    • Touchscreen color display for measured value display and device adjustment
    • Storage of freeze image and sequences
    • Ethernet (RJ45) interface for data transmission
    • Temperature resistant and shock resistant housing 
    • Operation during the measurement possible with protective gloves

    Câmera Termográfica Portátil Altas Temperaturas DIAS 480N:

      The infrared camera PYROVIEW 480N portable is the world’s first portable IR camera for the measurement of high temperatures at short wavelengths. By using a high-dynamic Si array a large continuous measurement range from 600 °C to 1500 °C is realized.

      Optionally, there is a continuous temperature measurement range from 1400 °C to 3000 °C available.

      The device PYROVIEW 480N portable measures online thermal images with 480 x 360 pixels and an image rate of 25 Hz. In addition, there is an optical display of image areas below the minimum measurement temperature so that the user gets spatial image information. The thermal images are visualized on a touchscreen color display.

      In addition, the center or the maximum temperature including the location are displayed as a numeric value. Via an easy to use menu, all important parameters of the camera can be adjusted by touchscreen input.

      The camera allows the radiometric recording of freeze images and sequences. An Ethernet interface (RJ45) transfers the data of the stored freeze images and sequences to a computer.

      Measurements in the metallurgy, the ceramic and cement industry as well as in glass production and working are preferred application areas of the new portable and robust infrared camera.